17th Century Ireland; a young gypsy girl is brutally murdered for falling in love with the son of a clan leader. She curses the men responsible and their bloodline. For generations ‘The Banshee’ seeks revenge on the men by slaying them and anyone who gets in her way.


Present day London; Sean realises his son, Kevin, is in danger of becoming her next victim and travels to Dublin to investigate the origin of the curse.


Sean learns that an ancient heritage site holds the key and discovers what he must do to save his son’s life and break the curse that has been haunting his family for generations.

D.J. Doyle


The Celtic Curse: Banshee

The Celtic Curse: Newgrange

Coming in 2017


450 AD Ireland, a pagan ritual is ruined by the actions of a slave and the Chosen One fails to do her duty. A Druid in training has vowed to protect the earth from the pagan demi-gods trying to return.


Present-day Chicago, a young woman experiences terrible nightmares and is told she is seeing images from a past-life. She travels to Ireland to investigate why these dreams are haunting her. Is she being hunted by the Druids of our time? Is she the next Chosen One?

The Celtic Curse: Pooka

Coming 2018

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